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A Legacy of Leadership 
Our vision of the Jesse Lee Home 

Boy Scouts pose outside of the Jesse Lee Home, ca. 1946-1955. Photo courtesy of the Seward Community Library Association.

What has been done to save the Home so far?

In 2002, the Alaska State Legislature unanimously passed House Bill No. 96, an Act relating to the acquisition and development of the Jesse Lee Home, which affirmed this location's significance to all Alaskans.

In 2003, the Department of Natural Resources found the building structurally sound with estimated 2005 restoration costs of just over $8 million according to ECI/Hyer Inc., author of the Jesse Lee Home Historic Structure Report. This projection has been adjusted to $10 million for a 2006 estimate.

In 2005, the City of Seward unanimously passed three resolutions to support the effort to save the Jesse Lee Home, apply for grants and seek partners to use the Jesse Lee Home as a leadership educational facility.

The City of Seward has requested the Rasmuson Foundation to provide grant funding to support a feasibility study which will identify Alaska's educational needs and determine how they can be met by establishing a statewide high school leadership program in Seward.


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